Loos Koboltgruva

Loos Cobalt Mine

Useful Information

Location: Loos.
(61.742226, 15.156534)
Open: Summer daily 10-17.
Classification: MineCobalt Mine MineNickel Mine
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours:  
Address: Loos Koboltgruva, Gruvbyn, 82050 Loos, Tel: +46-657-10533, Cell: +46-705619729, Fax: +46-657-10480. E-mail: contact
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1736 mine opened.
1751 element nickel discovered in ore from this mine.
1773 mine closed.



The Loos Koboltgruva (Loos Cobalt Mine) was opened by Henrik Kalmeter from Falun. There are underground tours, a slide show, a mining exhibition, and a mineral collection.

Loos hase become a part of science history, when in 1751 the element nickel was discovered in ore from this mine. It was probably gersdorffite (NiAsS), one of about 40 minerals found here. This is not clear, as the mineral gersdorffite was named much later, around 1842 after Herr von Gersdorff, the owner of the Schladming Mine, Austria.