Ludvika Gruvmuseum

Useful Information

Location: Ludvika, Gammelgård.
Open: Gruvmuseum: no restrictions.
Bergsmansmuseet: summer.
Fee: Gruvmuseum: free.
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours:
Address: Ludvika Gruvmuseum, Sven-Erik Jansson, Tel: +46-240-19707. E-mail: contact
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1920s former homestead acquired.
1938 Ludvika Mining Museum opened.



The Ludvika Gammelgård is a park in the city of Ludvika. With its mining history, the park offers various mining related sights. The most important is obviously the Gruvmuseet, an open air museum. There is also the Bergsmansmuseet and the Bergslagens Mineralmuseum.

The mining museum is located in a 16th century homestead, which was aquired by the local heritage associationin the 1920s. It was the start of the open air museum, which was equipped with historical buildings, machinery and equipment from disused mines in the area. Karl-Erik Forsslund and the engineer Gustav Björkman bought the items when the mines closed and saved them from destruction. This idea was new at that time, when the Ludvika Mining Museum was opened to the public in 1938, it was the very first open-air museum of industrial history in the world.