Malmberget Iron Mine

Useful Information

Location: Gällivare, Lapland.
Open: JUN to AUG Mon-Fri 10, 14.
Fee: Adults SEK 150, Children SEK 100. [2003]
Classification: MineIron mine
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Guided tours: D=3 h.
Address: Gällivare Turistbyrå (Tourism Office), Centralplan 3, SE-98232 Gällivare, Sweden, Tel: +46-970-16660, Fax: +46-970-66739. E-mail: contact
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1880s first mining at Malmberget.
1998 start of hematite mining.


Malmberget's ores are hosted in Precambrian volcanic rocks. The entire deposit complex has been largely metamorphosed to gneisses and strongly folded. The apatite-bearing iron ore consists of a number of ore sheets that may have originally been connected. The main ore zone is 6.5 km long.

The principal iron ore mineral is magnetite, some areas contain significant amounts of haematite. Apatite contents vary considerably, the average phosphorus content is lower than 0.8%.


Sometimes nomen est omen: Malmberget translates ore mountain. The mine tour at Malmberget Iron Mine begins with a presentation and film. After the visitors have put on protective clothing, the tour starts "below sea level". Tour groups will visit sites where drilling, rock handling and hauling operations are in progress, and they may even visit a workshop.

The Gruvtur (mine tour) visits the underground iron-ore mine and includes the Gruvmuseet (mining museum). The museum displays tools and other artifacts from 250 years of mining in the area.