Storbergets gruvor

Useful Information

Location: At Långnås near Hofors.
Open: MAY to 10-JUN after appointment.
11-JUN to 21-JUN daily 14.
25-JUN to 05-AUG daily 13, 14, 15.
06-AUG to 12-AUG daily 13.
13-AUG to end of season after appointment.
The mine is open every year as long as it is accessible.
Fee: Adults SEK 40, Children (7-16) SEK 20, Children (0-6) free.
Groups (10+): Adults SEK 30, School Pupils SEK 10, Minimum Fee SEK 400.
Classification: MineIron Mine MineCopper Mine MineManganese Mine MineCobalt Mine
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Dimension: L=265 m, VR=70 m.
Guided tours:  
Address: Storbergets gruvor, Tommy Nilsen, Tel: +46-290-29225.
Booking: foCus, Tel: +46-290-29390.
Hofors turistbyrå, Tel: +46-290-28002, Tel: +46-290-29390.
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The Storbergets gruvor (Stor Mountain Mining District) has around 60 historic open cast mines. Some are only a few meters deep, some are almost 200 m deep. Mining started in the 17th century, using the ancient technique of heating and cooling the ore with fires and water.

Penningegruvan is the deepest mine here and it is open to the public. The tour is called Stollgången Mine. It explains the working conditions in this mine during the 18th century. And the guides tell mysterious tales of ghosts and hobgoblins which were found during the mining inside the the mountain. And the tour at the bottom of the deep mine with light coming from far above is quite impressive. Other mines are used for climbing by local extreme sports organizers.