Hodruša Hámre

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Location: Hodruša Hámre, near Zarnovica. 165km from Bratislava, towards east/Zvolen.
Classification: polymetallic ExplainGold Mine ExplainSilver Mine
Light: electric.
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The mining area, originally called Schemnitzer Lagerstätte - Schemnitz is the former name of Banská Štiavnica - is a system of lodes. The hydrothermal deposits in the dikes contain a great variety of minerals and ores, the classical hydrothermal polymetallic deposit. In an area of 14km by 5km a number of 120 lodes is known, many of them between one and five meters thick, which made the mining profitable. There were even rare lodes of up to 50m thickness.

The lodes contained a great number of minerals, more than 100 were documented. The most important were pyrite (FeS2) which is an iron and sulfur ore, chalkopyrite (CuFeS2), sphalerite (ZnS), galenite (PbS), quartz, calcite, and locally gold and silver. As a result numerous metals and other valuable substances were mined.


The village Hodruša - Hámre has actually three distinct villages: Banská Hodruša, Dolne Hámre and Kopanice. It is located in Hodrusska dolina (Hodrusa valley) in the Stiavnicke vrchy (Stiavnica hills). Banská Hodruša is the location of the historic mining activities. However, this is only one end of the famous Schemnitzer Revier, the center is at Banská Štiavnica.