Gombasecká Jaskyna

Gombasek Cave

Useful Information

Location: Slovensky Kras, between Rožnava and Plesivec. Slovensky kras, Silicka planina, cadastral area Slavec, district Roznava, Kosicky region. (48°33'46" N, 20°28'02" E)
Open: 15-MAY to MAY Tue-Sun 10, 11:30, 13, 14:30.
JUN to AUG Tue-Sun 9-16, hourly on the full hour.
SEP to 15-NOV Tue-Sun 10, 11:30, 13, 14:30.
Fee: Adults EUR 6, Children (6-15) EUR 3, Students EUR 5, Disabled EUR 3, Seniors (60+) EUR 5.
Foto Permit EUR 7.
Classification: SpeleologyKarst cave Speleologyriver cave. Wetterstein limestones of the Middle Triassic Age. ExplainSpeleotherapy
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
Dimension: L=1,525 m, A=244 m asl.
Guided tours: L=530 m, D=35 min. V=15,000/a [2000]
Address: Gombasecká Jaskyna, 049 11 Plesivec, Tel: +421-942-90191
Správa slovenských jaskýň, Hodžova 11, 031 01 Liptovský Mikuláš, Tel: +421-44-553-61-01, Tel: +421-44-553-64-11. E-mail: contact.
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21-NOV-1951 discovered by cavers from Roznava, members of the Slovak Speleological Association, headed by V. Rozloznik.
15-MAY-1955 opened to the public.
1968 start of speleotherapy in the cave.
1993 speleotherapy discontinued.
1995 inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.


The Gombasecka Cave is a river cave of the large underground hydrologic system of the stream Cierny potok (Black Brook) in the western part of the Silicka planina Plateau in the Slovak karst. The cave has two levels, the lower level is a river cave.

The cave was discovered through the resurgence Cierny Vyvieracka by cave divers. To make it accessible to the public, an artificial entrance tunnel was built above the spring, immediately after its discovery. The cave was explored and developed through this artificial entrance.

The cave is rather young, so it has nice erosive forms, but very little speleothems at all. The typical speleothem of this cave are Speleothemsoda straws, which reach extraordinary lengths of up to 3 m.