Kula Kai Caverns

Useful Information

Location: Near South Point, Big Island, Hawai'i. 65km south of Kona, 125km south west of Hilo. Hwy 11 Kona-Hilo, turn south 2km, turn right again.
Open: Tours only by reservation.
Fee: Walking Tour: Adults USD 15, Children (0-12) USD 8.
Spelunking Tour: Per Person USD 65.
Maelstrom Cave Tour: Per Person USD 95.
Classification: ExplainLava Tube
Light: Walking Tour: electric.
Other tours: none, gear provided.
Dimension: T=20°.
Guided tours: Walking Tour: L=200m, D=30min.
Spelunking Tour: L=1,600m, D=2h.
Maelstrom Cave Tour: L=3,200m, D=3.
Goat Cave Tour: D=2h. [2006]
Address: Kula Kai Caverns, P.O. Box 6313, Ocean View, Hawaii 96737, Tel: +1-808-929-7539 or +1-808-929-9725, E-mail: contact
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Kula Kai Caverns is one of many Explainlava tubes on Big Island. Most of this tubes are not accessible, as they are sacred places, Polynesian burial places or located on private ground. This one is open to the public.

Kula Kai Caverns offers tours for any kind of visitor. There is a short tour, which is a true show cave, with paths and electric light. The cave has no light or paths. This is less problematic than in karst caves, as lava tubes normally are rather horizontal. But the lava is very dark and its hard to see much, only with electric torches. The tours into this cave are wild tours or spelunking tours and only suitable for physically fit people.

The owner Ric Elhard is a California native who bought property on Big Island because he knew there were caves. He is a caver and explored and surveyed much of the caves himself. The tours are intended as a possibility for visitors to learn about caving, geology and archaeology.