Sub Terra Vorau

Useful Information

Location: Vorau.
Open: Only after appointment. [2020]
Fee: Adults EUR 20, Children (6-16) EUR 5. [2020]
Classification: ExplainErdstall
Light: helmet with headlamp provided
Guided tours: D=3h
Photography: allowed
Address: Sub Terra Vorau, Hans Schweighofer, Tel: +43-664-3118884.
Johanna Hirt-Schaunigg, Tel: +43-664-88385004.
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In the area around Vorau some 870 artificial tunnels were discovered and surveyed during the last decades. As a result the club Sub Terra Vorau was founded to protect them. Because of the enormous public interest, they offer tours into some of those structures. Those tours also include the visit to the museum, which is located in the Waldlturm in the Augustiner Chorherren Stift Vorau.

The area is full of megalithic remain, underground structures, menhirs, and rocks with holes. Unfortunately numerous of those were destroyed or made inaccessible. The rocks and menhirs were removed by farmers, because they were in the way. The tunnes were filled in, either for security reasons or to gain additional space. The non-profit club Sub Terra Vorau tries to open and document such objects. They also made a few accessible for tourists.

Most of the objects are Erdställe, underground tunnels with no logic reason or use. Unfortunately those objects are typically quite small and low. A visit is obviously not possible for people with claustrophobia.