Markt Höhler

Berg-Erlebnis Markt Höhler

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Location: Bad Lobenstein
Open: 14:10, 15:30, 17:10.
Light: LightIncandescent Electric Light System
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Address: Berg-Museum "Markt Höhler", Schulweg 7, 07356 Bad Lobenstein, Tel: +49-36651-39557.
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1780 begin of construction.


The Berg-Erlebnis Markt Höhler (literally mountain experience market cave) is a strange thing. It takes some time - even for locals - to understand the name. The mountain actually means mining, the whole thing is called mining experience as it a sort of underground mine replica, mining museum, and mineral collection. It is located inside a cellar which is localy named Höhler. This uses the German name for cave, Höhle, although it is definitely not a cave. And this old beer cellar is located at the market place, so it is called Markt Höhler. So, someone who wants to make an easy to understand but dull name would call it mining experience in the cellar at the market. But thats obvioulsy not the case, and so we read with astonishment, that this sight may be visited every night, but only from the outside.

The tour into the Markt Höhler takes about 75 minutes and the guide will explain the history of the cellar, the storage of beer, ice and other goods. The cellar was built in 1780 by miners, it has a central passage which is 54 m long and 20 huge vaults on both sides. It was mainly used to mature and store beer in huge oak casks. In old times ice was cut from the lake in winter and then stored in the cellar. It melted very slowly and could be used to cool beer during most of the summer. Later from the late 19th century, the cooling was made with refrigerators and the beer was stored in tanks above ground. At this time the cellar was still used for other food, like potatoes, selfmade must, or homemade pickles.