Cave and Karst Museums

Speleological Museums

This kind of museum is dedicated to a certain karst area. It shows the geology of the area with pictures and often with a cave replica. Other topics are speleothems, cave animals, the typical vegetation of the dry karst surface, the fossils in the rock, and the archaeological remains found in the cave.

Country Museum Category
Austria ShowcaveHöhlenmuseum Eisensteinhöhle Speleology
MiscHöhlenmuseum Schönbergalm Speleology
Bulgaria SubterraneaMuseum of Speleology and Bulgarian Karst Speleology, Cave Bear
France SubterraneaLe Musée de l'Ours de Cavernes Speleology, Cave Bear
Germany ShowcaveDechenhöhle Caves, Dinosaurs, Speleology
MiscHöhlenmuseum Frasdorf Speleology, Caves
KarstHöhlenkundliches Museum Laichingen Caves, Speleology
New Zealand MiscMuseum of Caves Speleology
Portugal KarstMuseu Vulcanoespeleológico "Machado Fagundes" Speleology, Geology, Volcanism
Romania MiscMuzeul de Speologie "Emil Racoviţă" Speleology
Slovakia MiscSlovenské múzeum ochrany prírody a jaskyniarstva Speleology, Mineralogy
United States of America MiscAmerican Cave Museum Speleology
ShowcaveBluff Dweller's Cave and Browning Museum Speleology, Archaeology
MiscFlorida Museum of Natural History Speleology, Cave Replica, Natural History
MiscFloyd Collins Museum Speleology, Local History, Floyd Collins