Norway by Fylke

Since around 2010 there have been plans to restructure the fylke or counties of Norway. As far as we understand there were too many and the idea was to merge fylke which have historically been connected to reduce the number of units. Between 2015 and 2017 numerous bodies voted on their preferred version of restructuring and in 2020 the fylke were changed and typically two fylke merge to form one bigger. For us the fylke are just a means to structure the website, and we do not care how they look like. But this change would require the restructuring of numerous pages, without actually changing content. And, to make things worse several fylke are not happy with their new structure and plan to change it again or split again. There were even quarrels about the names of the new fylke. So we decided to keep the pre-2020 structure for now, until the things have settled, and we will probably update in a few years.