Gruta das Agulhas

Useful Information

Location: Porto Judeu, Terceira island. 11 km east of Angra do Heroísmo.
Take the road to the east which is closest to the coast. At the end of the village is a white sign. Walk to the coast, where the cave entrance is located in the cliff face. Some steps are hewn into the rock.
Open: no restrictions
Fee: none
Classification: Speleologylava tube
Light: none
Dimension: L=150 m.
Guided tours: none
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The Gruta das Agulhas is the main attraction of the village Porto Judeus. This village is the oldes settlement on Terceira, as Jácome de Bruges is said to have landed here with the first settlers. The cave is a typical lava tube, which means a more or less circular tube with no special attractions. The location at the coast is impressive, and a visit on a stormy day could be a bit wet.