Cave Trekking Tours

Wild Cave Tours - Adventure Caving

Wild Cave Tours are guided tours into wild caves, either in undeveloped parts of a show cave or into a nearby "wild" cave. The tour is very similar to a real caving tour, there is no light and no paths. But there is a guide, normally most of the equipment is provided, and it costs a fee.

Most caving clubs make very similar tours for new members. Normally there is no fee, despite the (often nominal) member fee. So it is much better to look for a caving club nearby, become a member, and do some caving. But such trips offer people a chance to get a taste of what caving is like, before they join a caving club.

Most of those tours are connected to a show caves. Some of them are made by adventure companies, where caving is another extreme sport beneath bungy jumping and canyoning. We heard a lot of critics about those tours, especially because of the sometimes very poor knowledge of the guides. Hence we do not list extreme sports operators, so the following list are mostly show caves.