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132 springs are listed on on 12-AUG-2022 13:51


Albania1 entry

Australia1 entry

Austria5 entries

Bosnia and Herzegovina2 entries

Brazil3 entries

Croatia3 entries

El Salvador1 entry

Estonia1 entry

France7 entries

Georgia2 entries

Germany16 entries

Great Britain1 entry

Greece3 entries

Guatemala1 entry

Hungary1 entry

Iran1 entry

Ireland1 entry

Israel3 entries

Italy5 entries

Jamaica3 entries

Japan2 entries

Lithuania3 entries

México5 entries

New Zealand2 entries

Niue1 entry

Panama1 entry

Perú1 entry

Portugal1 entry

Romania1 entry

Russia6 entries

Serbia2 entries

Slovakia3 entries

Slovenia9 entries

Spain3 entries

Switzerland1 entry

Thailand1 entry

Turkey2 entries

United States of America27 entries