All Karst Features By Country

381 karst features are listed on on 07-JUN-2023 10:35


Algeria1 entry

Anguilla1 entry

Antigua & Barbuda3 entries

Argentina2 entries

Armenia1 entry

Australia7 entries

Austria3 entries

Bahamas4 entries

Belgium1 entry

Belize1 entry

Bermuda2 entries

Bosnia and Herzegovina3 entries

Brazil6 entries

Bulgaria3 entries

Canada3 entries

Cayman Islands1 entry

China23 entries

Colombia1 entry

Cook Islands4 entries

Croatia7 entries

Cyprus2 entries

Czech Republic2 entries

Denmark1 entry

Dominican Republic1 entry

Egypt1 entry

Estonia1 entry

France33 entries

Georgia3 entries

Germany38 entries

Great Britain10 entries

Greece8 entries

Guatemala9 entries

Iceland2 entries

India3 entries

Indonesia1 entry

Iran2 entries

Ireland10 entries

Italy22 entries

Japan8 entries

Kenya1 entry

Laos1 entry

Lebanon1 entry

Lithuania3 entries

Madagascar2 entries

Malaysia1 entry

Malta1 entry

México37 entries

Morocco2 entries

Myanmar3 entries

Nepal1 entry

New Zealand5 entries

Niue3 entries

Oman3 entries

Portugal2 entries

Puerto Rico2 entries

Romania4 entries

Saint Vincent and the Grenadin1 entry

Samoa2 entries

Slovakia3 entries

Slovenia7 entries

South Africa1 entry

Spain15 entries

Switzerland3 entries

Tanzania1 entry

Thailand10 entries

The Philippines2 entries

Tonga3 entries

Turkey2 entries

United States of America24 entries

Vietnam1 entry